Business Travel

As per the Reserve Bank of India guidelines the Business traveller can avail of foreign currency notes, travellers cheques and prepaid travel currency cards up to USD 25,000/- per business trip in a variety of currencies.

Reserve Bank of India statutes


  • Employees sponsored by firms/companies/organizations in India
  • Journalists deputed on short-term assignments abroad by newspaper companies
  • Self-employed professionals going abroad for professional visits
  • Participation in international conferences/seminars
  • Specialized training/study tour sponsored by institutions or undertaken by professionals

Quantum of Exchange

  • Avail up to a maximum of USD 25,000 per trip (maximum of 8 trips in a financial year) or its equivalent irrespective of period of stay.
  • Currency component maximum of USD 3000 equivalent per visit


One time documentation

  • Copy of partnership deed / Memorandum & Articles of Association / Certificate of Incorporation depending on constitution of business entity
  • Copy of Shop & Establishment license / VAT registration / Service Tax Registration etc of the entity availing foreign exchange
  • Authorization letter - Format available with Dhoshi Forex
  • Copy of valid photo Ids of authorized signatories as mentioned in the authorization letter

Transaction Documents

  • Letter from the corporate on company letterhead signed and stamped by authorized signatory of the company
  • In case of travel for a Conference / Seminar, the brochure giving full particulars of the Conference / Seminar should be submitted along with the application
  • In case of travel related to training / study tours, details of training/study tour along with letter from the overseas institution agreeing to provide necessary facilities for the training and certifying that the expenses are being borne by the organization